If you’re looking for a range where you can hone your shot making skills from quality  hitting areas, then The Range at Robina is one of the best locations on the Gold Coast that caters for the avid golfer that wants to do more than just have a bash with the driver.

The beautiful, secluded location offers you the ability to practice your golf in a peaceful location and relaxed atmosphere.


Become a member at the range and get access to our exclusive members areas.

You can also get access to the short game practice facilities and the Augusta green.

To find our more, speak to Bruce at the range.


Golf is not all about the long game.

If you really want to lower your score, then you simply need to hole more putts each round.

The Augusta green features a large, contoured shape that is perfect for working on your green reading skills and distance control of each putt.

For expert lessons that will improve your putting, speak to Bruce.

We also run putting challenges so you can really test your skills under pressure.


The ability to get it up and down around the green is a vital element of shooting lower scores and here at The Range at Robina we have have the ideal set up to allow you to work on your chipping and bunker shots.

The large main practice green allows for you to work on a wide range of shot lengths to challenge yourself and improve your skills around the green.


Everyday from 4:30pm we have a dedicated short game practice time where you can head out onto the range and work on your wedge shots from multiple distances, angles and lies to really level up your game.

There’s also a fairway bunker to the side of the range that is able to be used during this time to allow for longer bunker shot practice.

Get out on the range, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and improve your game today.


The Pinnacle Golf Academy by Bruce Howard provides outstanding golf instruction to all levels of players. Improve your long game, learn to control your shots and increase your distance.

Putting Zone delivers golf’s most effective putting instruction and when you’ve completed the course with Bruce, you’ll be able to get into the zone every time your on the green and have confidence over every putt.


If your golf clubs are in need of some repairs, Bruce can look after them for you providing any thing from grip replacement to FLO testing and fitting which will really dial in your equipment to suit your swing.

With many years experience working with players of all skill levels, there’s not much Bruce hasn’t seen, repaired or tweaked in order to get the best from any brand of equipment. One of his specialties is club re-gripping, using a technique that allows for grips to be easily removed and re-fitted when required which avoids the need to replace every time.

Bruce also has specialist loft and lie machines for both irons and putters to allow for the fine tuning of your clubs to perfectly suit your set up and swing.

Mevo+ Pro

If you really want to dial in your swing, work on your driver or enhance your game, we have the Flightscope Mevo+ Pro available for use at the range in our dedicated hitting bay.

You can connect your own device to our Mevo+ Pro so that you can analyse all your swing data at home and really make progress with your golf.

Speak to Bruce to book your time and get started fine tuning your swing.