Are you the best putter?

Try our 9 Hole putting challenge and you could win $500

Would you like to have some fun, while challenging your putting skills?

Come and take part in our 9 hole putting challenge down at the range and you could win some cash.

The challenge culminates in a shoot out for more chances to win.

For more details, call Bruce: 0402 692 101

Entry Fee: $10 per attempt

Qualify Times
Any time between 10am and 3pm daily up to day of shoot out.

Note: terms and conditions may vary from shoot-out to shoot-out, at the sole discretion of Bruce Howard’s Range at Robina.

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Stage 1 – 9 Hole Challenge

$500 cash prize – If you can complete our 9 hole putting course in 13 putts or lower.

$50 cash prize – If you can complete our 9 hole putting course in 14 putts or lower.

  • Entry fee – $10 per attempt
  • Daily between 9 am and 3pm – up to day of shootout

Note: You can have multiple tries at winning the cash prize, as well as qualifying entries to improve your position on the shootout leader board.

Stage 2 – Shootout

Sunday 19/6/22 3:10pm

  • Round 1 – Match Play Knockout
  • Leader board is equally divided at the 50% mark

Example: 32 Players

  • 1 plays 17
  • 2 plays 18 etc
  • Winners go into next round

Round 2 Match Play Knockout

  • Players play match play knockout and winners advance to the next round
  • Match Play Knockout rounds repeated till there is a finals winner

Stage 3

  • Winning Finalist from Stage 2 has 2 putts to hole a putt for the jackpot prize pool.
  • Unsuccessful attempts – JACKPOT CARRIES OVER
  • No jackpot winner – finalist receives a prize.