If you want to become a better golfer and lower your score, it’s easier than you think!

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Pinnacle Golf Academy

Bruce Howard has helped hundreds of golfers of all levels to improve their long game and hit the ball further and straighter, as well as hone in the short game skills needed to lower their scores.

The Pinnacle Golf Academy program is designed for golfers who want to improve their swing and ball striking as wells as just enjoy the game of golf.

You will learn the technique that takes the slice and hook out of your game so that you can hit the ball cleanly and smoothly. Hitting the correct part of the ball instead of hitting the top or hitting the ground and ensuring that your shaft is correctly positioned for optimum ball striking.

By knowing the correct impact position in relation to your body and the club being used you will soon be hitting it further and straighter.

So if you want to:

  • Learn from a local Gold Coast coach
  • Get more power and distance
  • Better ball striking and control
  • Improve your chipping and putting
  • Hit more greens
  • To Drop your handicap
  • Reduce you shots by between 2 and 15
  • Are interested in learning golf

Bruce’s One on One coaching system will get you the results you’ve been looking for.

Putting Zone Australia

Everyone wants to lower their score and by improving your putting you can!

By reducing the number of 3 putts each round you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Bruce Howard’s genius as a Putting Coach does not lie in his knowledge or ability to teach the mechanics of putting, his genius is in teaching that position and technique, are really only a preliminary and rather minor part of elite putting.

Through the Putting Zone program, Bruce shows the real key, the most important part of putting is what goes on in the Golfer’s mind.

The real key to progress is the training of the mind, which in turn controls the physical performance.

Thinking, psychology, mental discipline – is what really produces world class putters.

Anyone that adopts the principles and techniques shared by Bruce Howard cannot help but achieve a tremendous improvement.

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    “The coaching I received from Bruce has completely transformed my game and taken strokes off my score card.

    It’s incredible the confidence I now have in all aspects of my game, particularly on and around the greens which carries over to my long game where I am hitting it crisp on every shot and further than I ever have.

    I highly recommend anyone to have a lesson with Bruce and see how easy it can be to change your golf game.”

    Greg Luckett